The form of the Nests was birthed from an in depth study of weaver bird and mud swallow dwellings. The form language was nurtured through a series of sketches and models in clay. The challenge was to create three forms that communicated visually together and could compliment each others forms. 


I worked between analog and digital techniques to construct the Nests. Using my clay models for context, I 3D modeled the pods using T-Splines for Rhino. I used a digital waffling method to construct the pods and stitched the felt by hand. I used a CNC to carve a master for the base to vacuum form a mold and a thin sheet of plastic to make the organic textures in the cement. I was the sole designer and fabricator. 


Nests are modular catch alls inspired by birds nests. The tactile nature of the materials and the inviting forms encourages the owner to engage with their furniture. The Nests spin, allowing you to create different sculptural compositions. The Nests were exhibited at ICFF in New York City and at the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery in Philadelphia in 2016.