Mizu is an aroma therapy diffuser and humidifier designed for people who meditate. Using a vial to fill the Mizu fosters interaction with the natural materials and creates a calming pre-meditation ritual. Watching the mist rise above the teak plate while smelling the essential oils soothes the user into a relaxed mood. When the water evaporates, the soft hum of the diffuser turns off and the aroma dissipates, releasing the meditator into a mindful state.


The Mizu design process began with educating myself on meditation practices and interviewing various meditators. Using my interviewees feedback, I ideated a wide range of concepts, attributes and forms from the practical to the absurd. This process ensured a gambit of ideas to help push innovation and make discoveries. After refining some concepts I validated my designs by speaking with my potentials users.


The final presentation model was made from soap stone, walnut and maple. The stones demonstrated that the user can personalize their Mizu by adding objects. 

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