The form was crafted to find the balance between realism and caricature. The KUA began with sketching many iterations of different animals before choosing a pug like dog that would invoke the empathy that people have for their pets. The orange and cream colors contrast with the plant to create an object that can stand on it’s own as a sculpture.


Over 60 KUA's were produced by our two person team in two weeks. We sculpted several iterations of the original KUA, which was used to make a silicon mold for casting with a two part resin. We spray painted the KUA’s in batches and hand painted the orange details. The laser cut acrylic bone in the belly adds a hidden surprise for the owner. 

- 2015 -


KUA's are air plant holders where the plant becomes the head of a dog, making each KUA unique and encouraging a special bond with your air plant companion. KUA won First Prize in a “Seven Dollar Object” competition at Drexel University. This project was in collaboration with Barbara Carreno. Our team designed, produced and sold over sixty KUA’s in four weeks.